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TVA Fuel Cost Explanation

Q. Is this a new charge on my bill?

***This is NOT a new charge. This is just a more detailed itemization of your electric charges.

Q. What is a Fuel Cost Adjustment?

The Fuel Cost Adjustment (FCA) is a variable energy rate that can fluctuate from month to month as TVA's fuel and purchased power costs rise and fall.

Q. How does it work?

The actual cost of fuel and purchased power is compared to the projected costs the rates were based. The difference is then multiplied by the kilowatt-hours of energy used to account for any changes in price.

Q. Why did TVA implement the Fuel Cost Adjustment?

In 2005, the price of natural gas, oil and coal used to generate electricity skyrocketed. Since then, TVA has found it difficult to predict the amount of revenue that is required to cover the cost of producing power. The Fuel Cost Adjustment allows TVA to more quickly match costs with revenue and avoid implementing permanent rate increases.

Q. Does the Fuel Cost Adjustment appear on my bill?

The FCA appears as a dollar amount on your bill. The adjustment is included in the "total amount due" for the month.

Q. Do other utilities have a Fuel Cost Adjustment?

Fuel Cost Adjustments are typically found in private, investor-owned utilities. Many gas companies, including Piedmont Gas, have used a Fuel Cost Adjustment for years. TVA had a similar mechanism in the 1970's.

Q. Since this is a TVA cost that is only passed on throught every utilitiy in TVA's region, what is TVA's explanation of the cost?

Click here to view TVA explanation

Q. Why does the price of fuel and purchased power fluctuate?

Many factors can affect the costs of fuel and purchased power including the weather, changes in the price of coal and natural gas, and unforeseen changes in the operations of TVA's generating plants.

Q. Are there other sources of energy that generate electricity at a cheaper rate?

Electricity produced at TVA dams using hydro-electric generators is the most cost effective source. However, the amount of generation is limited by available natural resources.

Q. What do I need to bring with me to apply for service?

Sheffield Utilities complies with identification requirements as mandated by FACTA.To apply for service, you must provide (1) your United States issued identification, and (2) EITHER your social security card, your birth certificate, or your passport.

Q. What are degree-days?

Degree Days for the year are displayed in the chart in the upper right hand corner of your bill. Heating and cooling degree-days indicate the amount of energy used by a typical household to heat or cool a space. The average building needs to maintain a 70-degree indoor temperature to remain comfortable. In order to maintain this indoor temperature the heating unit will have to use more energy when the outside temperature is 65-degrees Fahrenheit or less. Vice versa, the air conditioning unit will have to use more energy when the outside temperature is greater than 65-degrees Fahrenheit.

Therefore, the higher the number of degree days on your bill the more your bill would be based on the temperature variance from 65 degrees. We display a yearly total on your bill.

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