Gas FAQs

What is the "Gas Fuel Adj" on my bill?

Gas Fuel Adj
Sheffield Utilities purchases natural gas in an energy measurement of BTU and sells the gas to the Customer in Cubic Feet. The Gas Fuel Adjustment makes a correction for this change in units. The Gas Fuel Adj is calculated in October and remains constant for the following twelve (12) months.

What is the required deposit for Natural Gas Service?

Sheffield Utilities' Gas Department may require a deposit, prior to commencing service under this schedule, in an amount equal to the estimate of two (2) months maximum bills, but in no case less than $50.00. This deposit is to secure the payment of bills. This deposit cannot be used to pay bills, unless it is the final bill for the account.

What do I do if I smell natural gas?

Natural Gas
If you smell natural gas, open windows and doors and evacuate the building. Call Sheffield Utilities or 911 from a neighbors home or nearby business. Never use matches or candles, and never turn any electric switches on or off.

How do I read my Natural Gas Meter?

Natural Gas Meter
On your residential gas meter there will be five or six dials depending upon the type of meter you have. Your gas consumption is determined by the top four dials. You will notice that the numbers will go clockwise on some dials, but counterclockwise on every other dial. The dial readings should be read from left to right. If the pointer is in between two numbers, record the smaller number. Subtract the previous reading from the new reading, and you will know how many hundreds of cubic feet of natural gas you have used.

How do I apply for existing service?

How to Apply for Existing Service
Sheffield Utilities requires new customers to file and sign service application. We will need proper identification. To determine what identification is required, please contact our Service Applications Department at (256) 389-2000 or visit them at 300 North Nashville Avenue, Sheffield, AL 35660. If you are renting, a rent receipt or lease agreement in the name of the person renting the residence will be needed. Before we can give service, all deposit(s) and/or fee(s) must be paid.

Who do I need to talk to about my bill?

Explanation of Billing
Our Customer Service Representative will be glad to assist you in answering any questions you may have about your bill. Please call (256) 389-2000 during business hours for assistance.

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