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Energy Right Could be Right for You!

Tennessee Valley Authority offers a variety of Energy Efficient incentive plans to help you, the consumer, save money on your energy bill. These incentive plans are as follows:

Heat Pump Loan Program

The Heat Pump Loan Program is a way for you to install a heat pump for all of your heating and cooling needs. The heat pumps approved for TVA's energy right program are among the most energy efficient available. The TVA energy right heat pump will be financed over a 10 year period at a market interest rate. To qualify for the Heat Pump Program you should work through an approved TVA contractor, own the property where the heat pump will be installed, and have a good credit rating. To acquire a list of approved TVA contractors contact Sheffield Utilities Applications Department at (256) 389-2000 or 300 North Nashville Avenue, Sheffield, Alabama.

New Home Program

If you are building a new home, it pays to do it right. You may qualify for a cash rebate. The rebate you receive will be based on how energy efficient your new home will be. To learn more about TVA's energy right New Home Program please contact TVA at (866) 441-1430.

Home Evaluation

The FREE energy right Home Evaluation allows you to find out how you are using energy around your home. To receive your energy right questionnaire please contact Sheffield Utilities at (256) 389-2000 or 300 North Nashville Avenue, Sheffield Alabama.

Service Applications

Our customers are important to us and we look forward to serving you in a courteous and efficient manner. Here are some basic procedures we request our customers to follow:

  • An application for service can be filled out electronically or downloaded from the "new customers" tab at the top of the page.  If you prefer, you can contact Service Applications Department (256) 389-2000 or visit or office at 300 North Nashville Avenue in Sheffield, Alabama to determine what identification is required to apply for new service.
  • After the application is made, the Meter Order and other information will be forwarded to the correct department(s).
  • Once your application is processed and all fees are paid we will send a crew to the site to connect your service(s). If you are applying for a new electric service you will be contacted by an Engineering Associate for an appointment to meet at the job site.
  • Electric jobs will be designed by the Electrical Engineering Associate. It is the responsibility of the Associate to advise Customers of Sheffield Utilities' Policies for new construction. This will include meter spots, pole location, line extensions, property easements, aid-to-construct costs, trimming or cutting of trees, wiring specifications for various sizes of meter bases, etc.
  • Alabama State Law requires Sheffield Utilities to call Alabama Line Locate Center for underground facilities to be located and marked. 48 hours must be allotted for this. When 48 hours have expired, the Engineering Associate will check locates, will get job approved by their Supervisor, and will release the job to the Electrical Superintendent for scheduling.
  • More information can be found in our Customer Service section.

Our mission is to support our community. We are committed to provide prompt, safe, clean, reliable utilities at the lowest cost possible to serve the best customers in the world.

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