Residential Electric Rate and Security Light Rates

Residential Service Rate

Electric Usage Charge = 7.614 cents/KWh
TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment = 2.234 cents/KWh
Customer Charge = $27.74

General Power

GSA-1 (under 50 KW)
Customer Charge = $29.28
Energy Charge = 8.858 cents/KWh

GSA-2 (51-1000 KW)
Customer Charge = $117.73
Energy Charge = 9.930 cents/KWh for first 15,000 KWh  ...w/ 2.188 cents FCA
                             5.148 cents for all additional KWh  ...w/ 2.136 cents FCA
Demand Charge = $15.03/KW for 51-100KW (no charge for the first 50 KW)


Customer Charge = $281.53
Energy Charge = 5.534 cents/KWh   w/ 2.234 cents FCA
Demand Charge = $15.15/KW for 0-1000 KW
                                $14.75/KW for all additional KW


***FCA stands for TVA Fuel Cost Adjustment


How to Calculate Your Residential Electric Bill

Example 1

(Electric Usage Charge X usage) + (FCA X Usage) + Customer Charge = Total Electric Charges

*Note: Rate effective May 1, 2010, all charges subject to change without notice. There is also a 4% utility tax added to all utilities.

Current Lighting Rates

The current types of security lights we offer at this time are listed below.

TypeLumensMonthly Charge
175W MV OPENBOTTOM 7,650 $9.71
400WMV COBRAHEAD 19,100 $19.08
100W HPS OPENBOTTOM 8,550 $8.19
150W HPS COBRAHEAD 14,400 $11.94
250W HPS COBRAHEAD 23,000 $15.49
400W HPS COBRAHEAD 45,000 $20.28
250W HPS FLOODLIGHT 23,000 $17.30
400W HPS FLOODLIGHT 45,000 $21.85
400W MH FLOODLIGHT 45,000 $22.47
1500W MH FLOODLIGHT 155,000 $55.16
150W HPS DECORATIVE LIGHT 14,400 $31.43
250W HPS DECORATIVE LIGHT 23,000 $39.59
129W LED FLOOD 14,600 $13.40
143W LED COBRA 14,300 $11.90

Type - description of light
Lumens - brightness of the light
Monthly Charge - Approximate monthly charges for the light

*Security lights are installed in accordance with a 3 year contract, if the tenant discontinues service before three years, the balance is due at the time of disconnect.

*Note: There is a pole rental fee of $3.00 per month for a 35 foot wood pole.

All charges are subject to change without notice.

*Light rates are approximate and change monthly due to TVA's rates changing monthly

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